Submission Criteria


Minimum 1280×720

Avoid non-standard resolutions and vertical or square framing.

Frame rates

Please keep submit your footage in the frame rate it was shot in.

The footage on VideoMission we are looking for should fit the following criteria:

Well Framed, lit, and exposed, and in focus.

Subjects should be moving, and if your scene does not move your camera should. But this does no mean your camera should move all over the place. Unstable footage is not acceptable. To avoid this please use smooth plants, tilts, dollies, tracks, zooms, gimbals, etc. It would be best to edit beginning and ending parts of your footage which are not stable so that these elements are not included in your stock clip.

Footage should not be employ a style that is hard for the end user to manipulate. Please avoid over-coloring or creating a style with your clip that will minimize it’s use to the end user.

If your footage has audio, we prefer that you remove it. As a general rule audio is not adding value to the stock clip.

Multiple formats

At this time, we are doing things simple. This means we are not taking multiple formats for clips. Our preference is that your clips be .mov or .mp4. Codecs should be h.264, or ProRes. You may upload h.265 clips as well, just keep in mind it does not have as broad of adoption and could limit it’s usability to the end user.

Unacceptable Footage

We do not accept footage which contains nudity.

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