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Get all the Daniel and Prophets and Kings videos via hard drive.  The following Bible story characters are included: Daniel Nehemiah, Abraham, David, Elijah, Herod the great, John the Baptist, Manasseh, Noah, Saul, Solomon.  Additionally there are some generic prophets and kings.   There are over 1600 stock clips in this package and is over $300,000 in production at a massive discount.  Includes all the photos from the Daniel package as well. include the following:Abraham1. Abram and Lot2. Abram’s Camp3. Sarai and Hagar4. Visit of the 3 Men5. Abraham and IsaacDavid1. The Shepherd2. Anointing3. David and Goliath4. Playing Harp For Saul5. Angry Saul on Throne6. David and a Prophet7. Playing the Harp8. David and Saul in the Cave9. Writing Psalms10. David on the Throne11. David and BathshebaElijah1. Confronting Ahab2. Brook Cherith3. Widow of Zarephath4. Meeting Ahab5. Leading Cows6. Mt Carmel7. Jezebel Threatens ElijahGeneric1. King 12. King 23. Prisoners4. Prophet 15. Prophet 26. Prophet 37. Roman Christian PrisonersHerod The Great1. On the Throne2. Overlooking BuildingJohn the Baptist1. In PrisonJoseph1. Two Prisoners2. Joseph Enters3. Talking with Prisoners4. Baker RemovedManasseh1. Child King2. Bad King3. In Prison4. Good KingNehemiah01 Worries in Babylon02 Friendly Visit03 Friends Discuss4. Solo Prayer05. Writing Letter6. Discussion With King07. Leaving for Jerusalem08. Working on the Wall09. Passing Out Food10. Rallying the Masses11. Dividing into Groups12. Prayer with the Group13. Jerusalem RubbleNoah1. Building The ArkSaul1. On The Throne2. Talking With SamuelSolomon1. Dividing Child2. Building Temple


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